Pierre Lecque A.K.A. Mr. Lecque is an all around entertainer. A jack of all trades, Mr. Lecque loves to perform and put smiles on people's faces. Starting out in music at a young age and coming from two musical family backgrounds. He learned how to play the piano and the saxophone. Besides music he picked up a love for dancing. Watching artist like James Brown and Michael Jackson, he knew he had a passion for both dancing and music. While growing up and going through school, Pierre did both music and dancing, getting into a school of the arts for music and took dance while he was there. After high school, he focused on his education in college and music and dancing sort of took a back seat. Only doing both on his spare time or as a hobby. But the love for the two never left. Still dancing and doing music, in 2011, Pierre founded Born II Dance Entertainment. Starting out as a dancing business, he would create all the music for the dance group and business. So since music was in his blood, he adding Djing to his business and he found out he was pretty good at it. Since things started to take off after that. The nickname Mr. Lecque was being said a lot. Since he teaches dance and work with kids. He also took up motivational speaking to talk to the youth and people who need positive reinforment in their lives. With all that being said, the Mr. Lecque brand is taking off. Performing by Djing, speaking and dancing at parties, weddings, and other events. A great entertainer and loves to perform. So if you want to have a good time, help with something memorable, or even to escape from reality for a while. Mr. Lecque is your guy!!